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There is a huge problem with time, which is that there is never enough of it. These two works explore ways of translating time into a 2D-visual format - that is, into an actual, physical object. In doing so, it then becomes something that can be claimed and possessed, even if only in a symbolic gesture.


For me, the present is characterised as being messy and incomplete, and the future, abstract, unknowable. Present Continuous represents my interpretation of "now" by depicting my workspace as it appeared to me while I was producing the painting itself. Here, the painting has been intentionally left incomplete to reflect the present as being an ongoing, incomplete state.


Whereas, Future Imperfect tackles the concept of "future". Alluding to how a green-screen is commonly used as a placeholder in video production, the colour green is taken to symbolise unknown future possibilities. Resin, often associated with the idea of immortalising something in time, is used as a coating, acting as a physical, temporal barrier that separates the future from the now.


G13@13, G13 Gallery

27 May 2023 - 10 June 2023 


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